Pamela Gough describes her start in politics. She won her first election by 20 votes!

I strongly support Pamela Gough’s campaign for election as the Councillor for Ward 3 at the City of Toronto.

In her role as school trustee at the Toronto District School Board, Pamela Gough played a key role, along with the then-MPP for Etobicoke-Lakeshore, Laurel Broten, in a successful effort by residents in Long Branch (south Etobicoke) to keep Parkview School in public hands.

The school is now renamed École élémentaire Micheline-Saint-Cyr as I’ve outlined in a recent post entitled:

After intensive, two-stage letter writing campaign in 2011, former Parkview School site, at 85 Fortieth St. in Long Branch, remains in public hands

I met with Pamela Gough on Sept. 26, 2018 as part of a campaign meeting and made a series of videos in which she outlines how she got started in political life, in the first place. She also outlined for me all of the details related to her campaign platform.

In the following video, which is the first one that I have posted to YouTube, Pamela outlines what prompted her to seek election, years ago, to the position of school trustee at the Toronto District School Board.

A second video will conclude this video overview, highlighting what prompted Pamela to seek public office in the first place, when she ran for school trustee position.

Click here to access a transcript of the two above-noted video clips >

I have known Pamela Gough since 2011. I am very impressed with her approach to political life. She is articulate, cares deeply about the issues affecting children and everyday residents, and has a track record of achieving solid, tangible results on behalf of the communities that represents.

Click here to access Pamela Gough’s campaign website >

I encourage you to help out with the campaign, through donations, and/or canvassing or other volunteer efforts. I am helping out myself, while living outside of Toronto, by helping with the social media side of her campaign.

Had it not been for Pamela’s key help on the community-driven Parkview School effort, the end of Villa Road in Long Branch would now feature condos and/or townhouses, at the historic site where a school grounds and a school building left over rom the Baby Boom generation still (as we are most fortunate to observe) stands.


In a subsequent clip, Pamela Gough outlines the first item in her platform:

Pamela Gough will fight over-height development & excessive densities


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  1. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    If you do a Google search for “Jaan Pill YouTube” you should be able to access it that way, in the event you are not able to access it (for whatever reason) from the link at this post.

    You can also try accessing this Preserved Stories post using your smartphone. The link works both from my MacBook Pro and my iPhone but I hav not yet tried it with another computer such as a Windows machine.

  2. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    Technical note

    I’m really pleased I’ve taken on the task of video recording an interview with Pamela Gough with my iPhone and then posting the interview as a series of YouTube clips.

    When I began the process a week or so ago, I did not know much about editing film clips in Adobe Premiere Pro. Fortunately, I had the motivation to do what was necessary, in order to perform the editing tasks, that were required in the circumstances.

    I was able to find my copy of an Adobe “Classroom in a Book” instruction manual which describes, in clear detail, how to use Adobe Premiere Pro. That made a huge difference.

    By reading the manual, I was able to quickly learn how to use the Mark In and Mark Out feature, in the app, to choose which segments, from the interview, to export to my hard drive.

    Once I had each segment in place on my hard drive, it was easy to complete the final step, which involved uploading each one to my YouTube channel.


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