Pamela Gough (Ward 3 Councillor Candidate) describes her start in politics (Part 2)

At a previous YouTube video, Pamela Gough describes how, some years ago, as a parent concerned with the closing of a school in a neighbourhood that she and her husband had just moved into, she decided to run for office as a school trustee at the Etobicoke Board of Education.

She won the election by 20 votes and has not looked back since.

The initial sequence of the interview ended when a phone rang in the background. In the concluding segment, Pamela completes her description of how she launched her career as an elected official.

I have known Pamela Gough since 2011. I am very impressed with her approach to political life. She is articulate, cares deeply about the issues affecting children and everyday residents, and has a track record of achieving solid, tangible results on behalf of the communities she represents.

Click here to access Pamela Gough’s campaign website >

I encourage you to help out with the campaign, through donations, and/or canvassing or other volunteer efforts. I am helping out myself, while living outside of Toronto, by helping with the social media side of her campaign.

In the event you are unable to access the video at the link below, you can find the video online by pointing your browser to “Jaan Pill YouTube.”


In a subsequent clip, Pamela Gough outlines the first item in her platform:

Pamela Gough will fight over-height development & excessive densities


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