Joëlle King (MCHS 1963) has passed away in Ormond Beach, Florida on Feb. 23, 2019

1999 - Joëlle King in Sturgis

Joëlle King in Sturgis, 1999

Nikki King has recently let me know that her sister, Joëlle King, passed away in Ormond Beach, Florida on Feb. 23, 2019 at 4:20 am at the age of 71. She was in MCHS 1962-63 Miss McCormick’s class XIA.

I remember Joëlle King from the years that I was at Malcolm Campbell High School. Nikki has spoken of Joëlle’s joyous, bubbly, fun-loving nature. I remember her myself, as being a person always with a smile.

Regarding the photos, Nikki writes: “Here are five pictures – two lifted from the yearbooks. The first with Ron Dykhop in music class Yearbook 61-62, the second Yearbook 62-63Two more as “biker gal” from 1999 in South Dakota and Sturgis. Another from 2013 showing Joëlle with Manatees in Florida Jan-Feb, displaying her irrepressible sense of humour (hat) and lastly from a visit on my birthday in 2013.”

Joëlle King - South Dakota, August 1999

Joëlle in South Dakota, August 1999

Nikki has written the following overview of Joëlle’s life, which I am pleased I have the opportunity to share:

Joëlle attended McGill University, worked in the medical field for a few years as both Urological and Orthopaedic assistants, eventually becoming the manager of a newly-opened Medical Centre on the West Island. She then entered the sales/marketing field and remained there until her marriage. Ever adventurous, she joined her husband on a year-long hiatus, sailing their 40 ft. yacht from Lake Champlain to Florida and on to and throughout the Caribbean.

Joëlle with Manatees Jan-Feb. 2013

Joëlle with Manatees, Jan-Feb. 2013

On their return, they purchased a farm in Berkley, ON. Her husband continued working in the IT field, leaving Joëlle to run the day-to-day operations of what became a prosperous Simmental beef-breeding enterprise known as King Simmental. After a few years, they sold their farm and moved to Stowe, VT where they proceeded to found and direct a highly successful IT software development company, together with many investment sidelines which included a Harley-Davidson franchise.

Joëlle's visit to Nikki's house, April 12, 2012

Joëlle’s visit to Nikki’s house, April 12, 2012

Both avid bikers, they travelled the US extensively. After several years, they decided to move to warmer climes and selected Ormond Beach, FL where Joëlle lived until her death.

Joëlle King - MCHS 1962-63 Yearbook Class XIA, Miss McCormack's class

Joëlle King – MCHS 1962-63 Yearbook Class XIA, Miss McCormack’s class

Joëlle King and Ron Dykhof playing clarinet - MCHS 1961-62 Yearbook

Joëlle King and Ron Dykhof playing clarinet – MCHS 1961-62 Yearbook

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  1. RICHARD firth
    RICHARD firth says:

    So sorry to hear of Joelle’s passing…….we all know our time is coming !
    Joelle was the love of my life !!! We got married when she was 18 !
    We were just kids and it didn’t last long but neither has anything since !


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