Doug Smith shares a memorable 1950s childhood story regarding 1909 Middle Road Bridge in Mississauga

A post of some time back is entitled:

1909 postcard on the radials through Long Branch (Jane Fairburn); 1909 Middle Road Bridge (Dave Cook)

View toward Middle Road Bridge looking east from eastern limit of Sherway Drive in Mississauga. In the background on the right can be seen condos under construction near Sherway Gardens across Etobicoke Creek in Etobicoke. Jaan Pill photo: December 2012

In a recent comment at the above-noted post, Doug Smith has shared a memory from the late ’50s, which I am pleased to feature at the current post, as as a way to bring attention to the comment:

Doug Smith writes (March 3, 2019):

These stories bring back a lot of memories for me. I lived in Applewood Acres (Westacres) between 1954 and 1973 and I remember riding my bike to “White Bridge” many times. After riding there with a friend one day in the late ’50s, we noticed a treasure trove of old pop bottles scattered around in the bush beside the bridge. Somehow we managed to convince my father to drive us out there one spring evening to collect as many bottles as we could scavenge. I remember filling up the trunk of his ’56 Chevy with all these muddy bottles and my father getting stuck in the mud. Needless to say, he wasn’t too pleased and made it quite clear that he wouldn’t be driving us back to the “Bridge” again. After cleaning up the bottles, my friend and I cashed them in at one of the local grocery stores in Applewood Shopping Centre and were “rich” until we visited the local candy store! (I think pop bottles were worth about 2 cents each back then.)

Jaan Pill writes (March 3, 2019):

That is an awesome story Doug! Such a memory, especially when it is shared, has such tremendous value.


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