Contact details for celebrated (also intelligent, good looking, and witty) retired Concordia history professor, Graeme Decarie

Graeme Decarie. Source: MCHS 1962-63 yearbook

Graeme writes:

I get quite a bit of e mail from old students. But it comes on Classmates which has expired – and I’m too elderly to figure out how to renew it.

Is it possible for you to send out a general notice giving everybody my e mail address?

As well as I can recall, it’s

He adds:

The most recent former student to try to reach me on classmates was Sandra Holden.

If anyone reading this knows Sandra Holden, please let her know of this message. Also, if anyone reading this subscribes to Classmates, and knows how to send out general messages, can you please post some version of this message to Classmates. In that way, vital connections can be renewed.

Graeme Decarie, Aug. 6, 2016. Moncton, N.B.

Graeme Decarie, Aug. 6, 2016. Moncton, N.B. In an email comment about the photo, Graeme writes: “It doesn’t capture the lush glory of my hair.”

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