Can you help Maylene Chan?: ‘Looking for past 30 years my brother King Lang David Chan, may go by David Lang Chan’ Update: Maylene has indeed found (David) Lang

Update (Nov. 9, 2022): I’m pleased to say that Maylene has indeed found her brother.



Maylene Chan has sent me the following message:

Looking for past 30 years my brother King Lang David Chan, may go by David Lang Chan. We were separated. Just search and found my real mother through a cousin and wish to find my brother before I pass away. Thank you if you can help me, Maylene Chan

I will add more details (having been in touch with Maylene by email) but this is a start. Maylene has found some people with this name on LinkedIn but has not been able to find details on LinkedIn about the persons with that name.

Maylene notes:

I went into Linkin and found 3 David Chans in Seattle but unfortunately their sites you can’t get in and have no idea the company they work for. Just remembered Lang lived also in Vancouver I believe in the late 90s and may have been a hockey coach for young people . I know as a child he played hockey. Back in Montreal he was working for a check writing company (?) according to one of my half brothers when he was I his 20s or possibly 30.

(As I recall from a search at LinkedIn that I did to locate a particular person to interview for a research project, I signed up for a month or two for some upgraded subscription at LinkedIn, which would enable me to information about people that I was not linked to. Later, once I had the information, I cancelled the subscription. )

Maylene is also interested in stories about her brother.

Over the years quite a few people (such as long-lost friends or family connections) have managed to reconnect, in some cases after a half-century or more, through this website.

If you can help with Maylene’s quest please contact me through this website or at

More details from Maylene

Thank you Jaan, so appreciate this offer. My brother goes under Class of 1962

– He would be 77 yrs old

– Born in Toronto

– married to Barbara Ann Mary McCullough

– I believe he has 2 sons. (that needs to be verified)

My info- if you need it

Name – Maylene Chan

Age. – 76. Residing in Alberta , Canada

Been searching for both our mother and my brother for a long time. After 30 years I have found 2 days ago after a lot of researching our mother (now dead) but I know her name for the very first time. Next I want to find my brother as he told me more than 40yrs ago to stay in touch with him but unfortunately through circumstances I did not know his date of birth as we were separated when we were children.

Does this information help Jaan and love to get a photo of him. Is that possible?

Sincerely, Maylene

(Pollard is my married name I keep but my husband died 5 yrs ago)

Harry Chan

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