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Pamela Gough pledges to foster and nurture South Etobicoke businesses, and protect our employment districts

Item No. 6 in Pamela Gough’s campaign platform concerns South Etobicoke business and employment districts: Key Campaign Item No. 6: Pamela Gough will foster South Etobicoke businesses & protect our employment districts A transcript reads: “Foster South Etobicoke Businesses and protect our employment districts”: So here in South Etobicoke we do have a very large […]


South Etobicoke Transit Action Committee (SETAC) is a volunteer-led transit advocacy group in Etobicoke-Lakeshore

Following text is from the SETAC website: South Etobicoke Transit Action Committee (SETAC) is a volunteer-led transit advocacy group in the Etobicoke Lakeshore area founded on the principle of better decisions through better information. We provide information and discussion about transit modes, options, routes, as well as land use and planning proposals to help Lakeshore residents, […]


Join a Jane’s Walk this weekend in South Etobicoke – April 30, 2014 Etobicoke Guardian

An April 30, 2014 Etobicoke Guardian article highlights the great Jane’s Walks that are taking place – rain of shine – across South Etobicoke this weekend: A minor correction: The log cabin at the Colonel Samuel Smith homestead site, which was built in 1797, was demolished in 1955. It ceased to be a family […]


Air pollution in south Etobicoke is part of a regional problem; City official recommends public transit advocacy

As a person who loves to drive, I was thoroughly intrigued to learn about the recent study of air pollution in south Etobicoke.     Cars and trucks: What can be done? With regard to cars and trucks, some of the text from Tamara Shephard’s Jan. 16, 2014 Etobicoke Guardian article, discussed in a recent post, stays […]