Pamela Gough pledges to foster and nurture South Etobicoke businesses, and protect our employment districts

Pamela Gough

Pamela Gough

Item No. 6 in Pamela Gough’s campaign platform concerns South Etobicoke business and employment districts:

Key Campaign Item No. 6: Pamela Gough will foster South Etobicoke businesses & protect our employment districts

A transcript reads:

“Foster South Etobicoke Businesses and protect our employment districts”:

So here in South Etobicoke we do have a very large employment district, that sort of cuts through the core of the ward.

And, increasingly, that area is being encroached upon, by residential development.

So we need to really keep a very close eye on that, and keep those employment districts as employment districts, so that people can work close to where they live, in an ideal situation – and, again, that gets back to the complete communities idea.

Also, sustainable quality jobs: South Etobicoke has seen twenty years of manufacturing jobs leaving the community. And that has really reamed out employment opportunities for many of the people living in our community.

We have to, I think, work with our businesses, nurture them foster them – especially the local businesses – so that there are good, high-quality jobs, and people can make a living close to where they live.


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