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By a single MCHS Sixties Reunion ticket we mean a ticket for one person, whether single or married

I’ve recently had some great phone and email discussions, in part about definitions of terms. First, we’re gonna have a great time A couple of people who attended the 2000 MCHS reunion in Montreal said that they really, really enjoyed that event – the old time music from the Sixties, the dancing, and everything else. […]


Price for MCHS Sixties Reunion tickets now tentatively set at $125 [final figure: $150] single, $200 [final figure: $250] per couple

Peter Mearns and Jaan Pill met on June 9, 2014 at a Tim Horton on Lake Shore Blvd. West in Long Branch (south Etobicoke) not far from the Fair Grounds Cafe at Twenty Fourth Street and Lake Shore. At the end of this post I’ll share Peter’s story about the arrival of Mr. Edelstein at the […]


Next steps in MCHS Sixties Reunion planning process – when and where should we next meet face to face?

As a follow up to the May 21, 2014 meeting in Kitchener, Ontario, of the MCHS Reunion Committee meeting attended by Peter Mearns, Lynn Legge, and Jaan Pill, I’d like to briefly review the planning process. Please feel free to share this discussion with others who may be interested in offering input. During the planning, […]