Montreal MCHS mini-reunion on Aug. 13, 2014 in Montreal turned out extremely well

I’m pleased to share with you the following message from Tim Hewlings (MCHS 1963) regarding the MCHS mini-reunion on Aug. 13, 2014 in Montreal”

“Just wanted to let you know that our get together on Wednesday turned out extremely well. The weather was horrible. It was raining cats and dogs, but we still had over 20 people. A good time was had by all. People began arriving around 4:15 and most stayed for dinner. We were there until after 9:00PM. The restaurant was very hospitable. One of the managers is an ex-MCHSer himself (later than us).

“The food and the conversation were both outstanding. The Cartierville Boating Club was well represented as well. It was really nice to reconnect with a bunch of people. Met some very interesting new folks as well.

“Several have already mentioned doing another one.”

[End of text from Tim Hewlings]


I’m very pleased to know the event turned out well.

I’d be interested in posting short comments/reflection from a range of attendees from the recent Montreal MCHS mini-reunion, in the event that there are people interested in writing such brief items.

We also remain keen about seeing more MCHS Biographies posted. A couple of hundred words or more, just an update on what’s news from you for the past 50 years: And please remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect; we just want a brief glimpse of a person’s life since high school. People enjoy reading such accounts.

In the latter section we’d like to include some short items about all the places where MCHS alumni are now living – such as in Grafton, Massachusetts or Dorval, Quebec, by way of example.

Also, it will be great to be able to post a few photos from the Aug. 13, 2013 get together in Montreal – preferably with captions. I would ensure that each person who is identified (by full name, or first name, or first name and initial) provides prior permission prior to posting.

Diana Redding and Howard Hight report good progress on development of the MCHS Sixties Reunion database. They are doing a great job in development of the database of MCHS Sixties alumni. If you wish to add your name to the database, please contact Howard Hight at


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