The MCHS Sixties Reunion category definitely includes the 1969-70 school year


The MCHS 60s Reunion is open to any person who attended or worked at the school in the 1960s. That includes people who graduated in the early 1970s. It also includes any teacher or other staff who worked there at any point in the 1960s. An overview about how we arrived at this decision can be accessed here:

MCHS 60s Reunion: By way of following up on a great suggestion from John Kovac (MCHS 1971), everyone who attended MCHS in the 60s is invited

The text that follows now serves as a back story regarding the decision making process related to determining the scope of the reunion.

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We’ve had an interesting question regarding the cutoff year for the Malcolm Campbell High School Sixties Reunion. The reunion takes place at Old Mill Toronto on Oct. 17, 2015 (That is, next year).

We’re also planning an informal, much smaller-scale mini-reunion in mid-August 2014 (that is, this year) in Montreal. We encourage the holding of such mini-reunions world wide, wherever enough MCHS alumni can gather for an informal get together.

With regard to the question of the 1969-70 school year, Scott Munro (MCHS 63), a key member of the organizing committee, has written:

1970 is the last year of the sixties decade

“Hi all – I hate to be technical, but 1970 would be the last year of the sixties decade. In any event, the years leading up to that graduation are all in that decade, so I’m OK with it. Cheers – Scott.”

Based on this information, I think I’m safe in saying that any MCHS alumna or alumnus from the 1969-70 school year is indeed officially part of the MCHS Sixties Reunion group.

I’m now working on my report or reports based on the June 16, 2014 organizing committee meeting in  Kitchener. Now that I have a couple of other projects out of the way, for now, the outcome of the June 16 meeting and the next steps that will follow are now the focus of my attention.

Three Malcolm Campbell High School Facebook Groups

I also want to mention that three Facebook Groups related to Malcolm Campbell High School are of interest. It’s worth your while to join these groups, and to participate in discussions (and uploading of archival photos and the like) to them:

MCHS ’60s Reunion Group

Malcolm Campbell High School Grads

MCHS Class of ’68


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