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An aerial view of Fort York looking east shows the substantial progress on the Visitor Centre that’s been made by 2013. Photo by Danny Williams. Source: October 2013 Fife & Drum newsletter published by The Friends of Fort York and Garrison Common

Reflections about Fort York

I attended a Citizenship Ceremony at Fort York some years ago; I found the occasion inspiring:

Citizenship Ceremony at Fort York, April 26, 2013, featured sharing of thoughts about what it means to be a Canadian

The topic of citizenship brings to mind two previous posts:

Gender, condominium development, and urban citizenship

The Government Next Door: Neighborhood Politics in Urban China (2015) addresses the translation of hegemonic discourses

Fort York, October 2012. Jaan Pill photo

As well, I am reminded of a visit to an exhibit at Fort York focusing on General Isaac Brock; I enjoyed the fact that crowds were sparse that day (I thought it was fitting that such exhibits appeal in particular to those people who have an enthusiasm for them):

Mad for Citrus – special event taking place at Fort York on Sat., Feb. 23, 2013

A previous Fife and Drum newsletter gave rise to a post regarding evidence-based practice as it relates to history:

What can we learn about evidence-based practice when we read about Tecumseh?

Fort York, October 2012. Jaan Pill photo

Some previous posts about Fort York have focused on online history-related maps, a topic I look forward to exploring further:

Always worth a visit: Goad’s Atlas of Toronto – Online

First Story is an interactive map of Toronto’s Aboriginal history

I know a lot about Fort York through conversations over the years with David Juliusson of Long Branch.

Click here for previous posts about David Juliusson >

Among the posts is one entitled:

David Juliusson comments on demolition of the house, built in 1927, where Marie Curtis lived when she served as Reeve of the Village of Long Branch

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