Renaming of Len Ford Park to Thomas Wilkie Park in Long Branch. Agree or disagree? Deadline for (anonymous, please) comments: Feb. 17, 2020

Please note (excerpt from message from City of Toronto)::

For more information about this project please contact C. Tong, Program Standards and Development Officer, Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division, City of Toronto at 416-392-6643

Please do not include any personal information such as your name, telephone number or email address in your response. All results from this survey are anonymous and the results from all respondents will be analyzed together.

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Source: Bill Zufelt of Long Branch

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The text at the photo reads:

Park Renaming to “Thomas Wilkie Park’

Renaming Request for Long Branch Park or Len Ford Park

A request has been submitted to the City of Toronto to rename either Long Branch Park or Len Ford Park in ward 3, to “Thomas Wilkie Park”.

In 1886, Thomas J. Wilkie developed 64 acres of prime waterfron t land into a gated and elegantly designed resort called “Long Branch Park”, in the area approximately between 33rd Street and 35th Street. Thomas J. Wilkie also sold 250 choice wooded villa lots, which were soon populated with Queen Anne-style cottages, designed by some of Toronto ‘s most prominent architects. Visitors could also stay at the Hotel Long Branch, an elegant building with Japanese balconies and pagoda towers.

The renaming of Long Branch Park or Len Ford Park will recognize the historical, geographical, and cultural contribution Mr. Wilkie has done to put Long Branch on the map for Toronto, including inspiring the name of the neighbourhood. Thomas J. Wilkie held leadership positions with the YMCA in Toronto and in Brooklyn, New York , and helped build the organization up in both cities.

Letters of support or objection should be mailed to: Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation – Park Naming Coronation Park

711 Lakeshore Boulevard West
Toronto ON M5V 3T7

Comments must be received by February 17, 2020


[End of text]

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