The recent Walkable Communities report warrants close study

Pamela Gough is the Trustee, Ward 3, Etobicoke-Lakeshore, for the Toronto District School Board. She has recently been appointed to the City of Toronto Board of Health (BOH). Through that appointment she has had her attention brought to a report on Walkable Communities that came to the Board of Health recently. “You would be very […]

It’s great to read week by week of events that happened in 1812, two-hundred years ago.

I’m impressed with this blog, which I learned of through Twitter via @ArchaeologyTO. “This blog,” as the blog explains, “tries to provide further information about events as they happen in 1812. It is meant to provide some context and the sources for the tweets found in @1812now.” This blog offers a great way for a […]

If you seek a heritage conservation district designation, get a buy-in from the start

You may have heard of communities that have tried to set up a heritage conservation district but that have not achieved success in completion of such a project. From what I’ve learned in my recent research, and twenty-five years of volunteer work as a community organizer, the process of getting a heritage conservation district designated, or any […]

A 1981 report describes a previous initiative seeking a heritage conservation district for Long Branch

As we begin work on planning for a Heritage Conservation District designation for Long Branch, it’s useful to consider prior designation projects. Some such attempts in Toronto have achieved success. Some have not. I’m looking forward to reading a report that was written in 1981, on the occasion of a previous attempt to set up […]

The NOW story – Disappearing Toronto – warrants a close read

I was delighted – as were many other people – to read the recent NOW story It’s wonderful and a strong source of inspiration to know of the heritage stories that turn out well. Also with regard to Mimico, this evening I met with Brenda Bloore and other organizers of the Mimico Jane’s Walk scheduled […]

Tree Walks and Jane’s Walks offer great opportunities for social media applications

The Jane’s Walks being planned for May 2012 in Long Branch, New Toronto, Mimico, and elsewhere will include a social media component. When we attended a Humber Valley Tree Walk in 2011, organized in commemoration of Hurricane Hazel, we video recorded brief segments of the walk and posted some of them to Facebook. Every tree tour needs a tour director to […]

The Journal of Fluency Disorders is a great resource for research related to stuttering

Abstracts from recent issues of the Journal of Fluency Disorders offer a great way to keep up to date on recent research about stuttering. The abstracts also offer highlights regarding recent research about the available treatment options for fluency disorders — including stuttering as well as cluttering. Science Direct also offers abstracts for a wide […]

The March 20, 2012 meeting of the Long Branch Historical Society will be held at James. S. Bell Junior Middle School

In the mid-1980s, young Calgary lawyer Michael Niven was out of a job because of a severe stutter

In the mid-1980s, young Calgary lawyer Michael Niven was out of a job because of a severe stutter. He attended a three-week speech clinic in Edmonton, returned to Calgary, and set up his own highly successful law firm. He’s one of the co-founders of the Canadian Stuttering Association. He was MC at the recent 25th Anniversary […]

Todd Saunders has built remarkable structures on Fogo Island, Newfoundland

I was very impressed with the following correction in a recent New York Times article entitled “The 41 Places to Go in 2011.” The correction read as follows: “The cover article on Jan. 9 about the 41 places to go in 2011 gave the incorrect nationality of an architect who is designing a series of […]