A 1981 report describes a previous initiative seeking a heritage conservation district for Long Branch

As we begin work on planning for a Heritage Conservation District designation for Long Branch, it’s useful to consider prior designation projects.

Some such attempts in Toronto have achieved success. Some have not.

I’m looking forward to reading a report that was written in 1981, on the occasion of a previous attempt to set up a Long Branch Heritage Conservation District. I recently learned of this report from Denise Harris, President of the Etobicoke Historical Society.

The report, Historical Planning: Cottages in Long Branch Park, by Glenna Mack Pendleton, is based on research conducted in 1981 for the Etobicoke Historical Board and the LACAC — which is the Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee/

In an earlier version of this blog post, we noted that in time we’ll what LACAC stands for.

In that regard, we’re pleased to share the following update: Bert Duclos, Heritage Outreach Consultant, Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports has shared with us (please see Comment below) the following information:

    “As provided by the Ontario Heritage Act, LACAC stands for Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee, which became Municipal Heritage Committee after the passing of the Government Efficiency Act, 2002.”

We’ve written a blog post about a workshop by Bert Duclos that we attended in Gravenhurst. It was a most valuable and informative workshop.

My understanding is that the Heritage Conservation District idea didn’t go very far at the time because the City of Etobicoke (as it was called at the time) apparently wasn’t interested, although many local residents apparently were.

When I have read the document, I will share with you what I have learned.

The story is part of our heritage as residents of Long Branch and of Toronto.


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