Tree Walks and Jane’s Walks offer great opportunities for social media applications

The Jane’s Walks being planned for May 2012 in Long Branch, New Toronto, Mimico, and elsewhere will include a social media component.

When we attended a Humber Valley Tree Walk in 2011, organized in commemoration of Hurricane Hazel, we video recorded brief segments of the walk and posted some of them to Facebook.

Every tree tour needs a tour director to ensure people move quickly from location to location, so that everything gets talked about in the span of time that’s been scheduled for the event.

Amanda Gomm of LEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests) very ably performed this function during the Oct. 16, 2011 Humber Valley watershed tour, which ended with coffee, tea, and more disussion at the historic Lambton House.

During the well-attended Oct. 16, 2011 tree tour of the Humber Valley watershed in Toronto, Gaspar Horvath of the Black Creek Project describes how the Manitoba Maple spreads itself across the landscape.

Other presenters were from LEAF and the Humber Heritage Committee.

I much enjoyed the tree tour of Humber Valley watershed led by Madeleine McDowell of the Humber Heritage Committee, Amanda Gomm from Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests (LEAF), and Gaspar Horvath of the Black Creek Project.

I learned of the event, which marked the 57th anniversary of Hurricane Hazel, from article in the Etobicoke Guardian.

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