The three-minute (well, actually six-minute) talk at the ISTAR 25th anniversary event went beautifully

I much enjoyed the ISTAR 25th anniversary event in Edmonton on March 3, 2012.

Here are some comments regarding the presentation, which I’ve described in previous blog posts, that I made in Edmonton, as one of several spaekers:

“The delivery of your presentation was just great. You were so relaxed and had a great connection with the audience. It was obvious that everyone enjoyed your sense of humor.”


“Thank you again for speaking – you were brilliant, the right mix of humour and seriousness. Each speaker brought something unique that contributed to the whole story.”

By prior agreement, it was established that speakers would not be required to adhere strictly to the time limits that had been earlier discussed.

I added several ad libs to my prepared text.

The planning and prior rehearsal were essential ingredients in ensuring the success of my brief presentation.

ISTAR (The Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Research) is a remarkable place.

They’ve done well with fundraising and with their affiliation with the University of Alberta.

Einer Boberg,
Deborah Kully, Marilyn Langevin, and many others at ISTAR have provided effective treatment for large numbers of people who stutter over the years. ISTAR practises a data-driven, evidence-based approach to stuttering treatment. The program is continuously updated. I find these ways of doing things tremendously inspiring.

I look forward to posting podcasts – this will take some time, as I have several other projects on the go – based on my trip to Edmonton.

I stayed at the Matrix Hotel in Edmonton.


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