Reconsidering Jane Jacobs (2011) offers an overview of her work and legacy

Reconsidering Jane Jacobs (2011) offers a good introduction to Jane Jacob’s work.

This book, available at the Toronto Public Library, offers a valuable overview of her life, her growth as a writer, and her legacy.

The essays include a fascinating overview of her wide-ranging work as a writer (reaching both general and academic audiences) prior to the publication of The Death and Life of Great American Cities.

Reconsidering Jane Jacobs (2011) notes that Jane Jacobs saved the local New York neighbourhood where she lived, but now the neighbourhood has been gentrified to the extent that people with middle-class incomes can’t afford to live there. What the significance of that fact is, or is not, warrants discussion.

I’ve discussed Jane Jacobs work in other blog posts including this one.


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