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Jaan Pill

My name is Jaan Pill; I’m a documentary maker, writer, and beginner practitioner of mindfulness. I taught for many years at Munden Park Public School in Mississauga. I especially enjoyed teaching elementary school. My favourite activity was arranging role plays and dramas created by students. People had such a great time, and so many kids found out that they had a flair for drama that they had not really ever tuned into before, except possibly they had tuned into it in very early childhood and had then forgotten about it. Live music, live dance, live drama. People have so much fun.

In 1990 I gave a talk in Tallinn, Estonia that led to the founding of the Estonian Stuttering Association. I’m a co-founder of the Canadian Stuttering Association and two other associations. In recent years I’ve organized many local Jane’s Walks in collaboration with Mike James of Niagara-on-the-Lake. My interests include:

  • Filmmaking
  • Community self-organization



Three of my previous videos can be viewed online. I worked with Steven Toepell to put together a digital portfolio for Andy Iadinardi, a construction superintendent. The six-minute video about the building of Aquaview Condominiums close to where I live. Several additional projects are underway.

Community self-organization

I have been involved with community self-organization for many years. By that I mean working with people in a community to get things done, that otherwise would not get done. My organizing work for many years was at the national and international levels. Until the Parkview story came along, and a clearly defined threat became apparent to the local community where I live, I had no interest in local matters. Who cared? I would have cared less. Since that time, I’ve learned many new things, have developed quite a wide circle of contacts and have learned, from people wiser and more experienced than I am, the value of strategic thinking. A current project involves working with 60s classmates to organize the Malcolm Campbell High School 60s Reunion and Celebration of the 60s on October 17, 2015 at Old Mill, Toronto. We’ve had a great time developing the Dress Code for the reunion. It’s among the most exciting topics that the organizing committee has dealt with so far!

In the next while we’re installing an MCHS 2015 banner across the top of the home page replacing the one (with the photo of a local condo construction project) that’s now in place. We’ve also changed the menu structure below the banner. The work is in progress. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

I have an online newsletter which I set up following a suggestion from Donna Magee of Toronto. My website was designed by Walden Small Business Marketing. I got help from Maestra Web Design with the launching of the site. The headshot of the blogger is by Walter Psotka.

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