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School CrestLooking for the MCHS ’60s Reunion & Celebration of the ’60s? The event turned out beautifully. Over the next while we’ll add additional highlights from the Oct. 17, 2015 reunion, which was attended by over 60 people. For the back story CLICK HERE!


Jaan Pill

My name is Jaan Pill; I’m a documentary maker, writer, and beginner practitioner of mindfulness. I served as a member of the MCHS 2015 ’60s Reunion organizing team. Among other schools, I taught at Munden Park Public School. In 1990 I gave a series of lectures in Estonia that led to the founding of the Estonian Stuttering Association. I’m a co-founder of the Canadian Stuttering Association among other associations. I’ve been active as a volunteer organizer for thirty years. I enjoy stories and the absence of stories. Absence is a strong presence; absence communicates; absence frees up space.

In years past, I’ve organized Jane’s Walks in collaboration with Mike James of Niagara-on-the-Lake. I’m keen to help out anybody who seeks to organize future walks in the area where I live. Get in touch with me if you’d like help in organizing a walk. I no longer lead walks but am always willing to share what I’ve learned about how to organize them. Please let me know, in the event you’d like help in organizing a walk.

My interests include:

  • Filmmaking
  • Community self-organizing



Six of my videos videos can be viewed online. I worked with Steven Toepell to put together a digital portfolio for Andy Iadinardi, a construction superintendent. The six-minute video depicts the building of Aquaview Condominiums close to where I live. The banner at the top of the page, that you are now reading, shows a view of Aquaview, at Forty Second Street and Lake Shore Blvd. West in Toronto during its construction. My documentation of the building of Aquaview played a role in my subsequent involvement with Parkview School (see below). Here’s a recent (September 2015) Facebook video that I did that I much enjoyed making:

Bill Rawson of Long Branch talks about what Elvis liked to do in his spare time

Community self-organizing

I was involved in volunteer work at the national and international levels for twenty-five years. Until I became involved in efforts to keep Parkview School in public hands, I did not do much volunteer work at the local level. In October 2010, I learned that Parkview School was being sold by the Toronto District School Board as it was surplus to its needs. In the end, it was sold to the French public school board Conseil scolaire Viamonde – rather than to a developer – at a cost of $5.2-million in funding from the Province of Ontario.

The deal closed on August 30, 2011. A major letter-writing project, and the work of TDSB Trustee Pamela Gough and the Etobicoke-Lakeshore MPP at the time, Laurel Broten, enabled the community to achieve a good outcome. Peter Milczyn is the current MPP for the riding.

I have a newsletter that I set up following a suggestion from Donna Magee of Toronto. I have a mailing list that I set up as part of the Parkview School project.

Malcolm Campbell High School Sixties Reunion – October 17, 2015 at Old Mill Toronto

In closing, I want to mention that from the comments we’ve received, the Oct. 17, 2015 MCHS ’60s Reunion was an outstanding success. A newsletter sent out by Howard Hight of Boston and Diana Redden of Vancouver to our reunion database has been keeping people informed and entertained during the planning process, and in future will feature highlights and photos from the Reunion as well. Photos are also starting to be added at the MCHS ’60s Reunion Facebook Page.

We want to express a huge thanks to all of the grads – as well as to MCHS Phys Ed teacher Soryl (Shulman) Rosenberg – who shared some great stories, and provided entertainment that manifested itself in a wide range of formats – including displays of prowess on the dance floor, and the playing of ‘Amazing Grace’ on the bagpipes. The latter tune, piped by Scott Munro, was in memory of MCHS students and teachers who have passed away.

In still another highlight of the evening, Soryl Rosenberg read out a message from Graeme Decarie, an early-1960s MCHS History teacher, who was unable to attend but who remains in ongoing touch with us via email. Soryl also presented an entertaining Show and Tell from her early-1960s career as a teacher at our high school.

If you want to search for topics at this website, use the internal search engine, or choose a word and add the words “Preserved Stories,” and search on Google. The Preserved Stories and MCHS 2015 websites were designed by Walden Small Business Marketing. I got help from Maestra Web Design with the launching of the sites. My headshot is by Walter Psotka. I learned about Walden Design, Walter Psotka, and Planet Dentistry from Executive Coach Barbara Lawson, to whom I owe many thanks.

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2 Responses to Preserved Stories

  1. Diane LaPointe-Kay says:

    Love your stories and coverage on the Small Arms Building.

    Diane LaPointe-Kay
    President, Small Arms Society

  2. Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

    Good to read your message, Diane.

    I’ve had the good fortune to be following the story of the Small Arms Building for some years. I am delighted to be keeping up to date with news about the next steps in the re-purposing of the building and to be sharing, with visitors to the Preserved Stories website, what I am learning.

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