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The First Allen Cup Winners, 1909 – Guest post from Bob Carswell

1909 Allen Cup Winners. I[ will add a full caption and photo credit.]

1909 Allen Cup Winners. [I will add details and a photo credit later.]

The First Allen Cup Winners 1909

Charles McKinley, son of John Kerr McKinley and Elizabeth Ann Irvine, the second son to the couple was my great uncle from Ottawa. In his early years he enjoyed the game of hockey, so much so, that eventually he would become an NHL time keeper. In the days of the challenge cup the Ottawa Cliffsides won the first Allen Cup.

The cup is awarded annually to the national senior amateur men’s ice hockey champions of Canada. Donated by Sir Montague Allan of Ravenscrag, Montreal, it resulted from the top amateur teams leaving the Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey Association, which allowed professionals, to form the new International Provincial Amateur Hockey Union (IPAHU), a purely amateur league. Charles McKinley was the goalie of the Ottawa Cliffsides in that first hockey confrontation and they won the 1909 Allen Cup.


A note from Jaan Pill regarding sources and citations

I have checked with Bob Carswell regarding sources and citations for his stories. From his responses, I have the sense that he has sound sources to back up his stories.  I will share some of the sources when time permits. As a rule, I like to ensure that when statements of any kind appear at this website, there is sufficient citation of sources to give readers a sense of the origin of the statement. In the case of photos, I make an effort to ensure that whatever is posted has a caption and a photo credit.


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