David Godley shares a perspective on the Toronto Island Airport issue

From an April 2, 2014 meeting that he attended, David Godley has shared the following overview, from the meeting, regarding the topic of the Island Airport: “Waterfront. The theory is that Bombardier is contributing to the massive Porter campaign for extended runways and jets. A continuation of the theory is that Porter wishes to sell […]

Comment from David Godley regarding Bill 20, MPP Rosario Marchese’s Private Member’s Bill (regarding elimination of OMB)

The following text is from David Godley of Long Branch (Toronto not New Jersey): Bill 20, MPP Rosario Marchese’s Private Member’s Bill: Elimination of the OMB from the planning system in Toronto The Purpose of the Bill [writes David Godley; the text you are reading is from David Godley] is to allow elimination of the […]

The value of evidence is determined by its validity, reliability, and interpretation

I’ve been following with interest recent articles related to research about full-day kindergarten, as noted in a previous post. An April 1, 2014 Globe and Mail article, which contributes to the discussion about what the research means and implies, is entitled: “Four questions about full-day kindergarten that matter more than test scores.” The article concludes […]

Why more medical tests and treatments aren’t always better (April 2, 2014 CBC article)

An April 2, 2014 CBC article is entitled: “Why more medical tests and treatments aren’t always better.” The subhead reads: “Canadian Medical Association’s Choose Wisely campaign offers list of 40 tests, treatments to question.” The opening paragraphs read: Patients and doctors must face a culture change to avoid unnecessary tests and treatments that could cause […]

Fruit and vegetable intake: five a day may not be enough, scientists say (April 2, 2014 Guardian article)

An April 2, 2014 Guardian article is entitled: “How many portions of fruit and vegetables are we eating?” The Guardian article is based upon research published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. Several articles, based on research at University College London, have appeared online. The research report – I heard about it when […]