Networking is a skill that one develops as a result of extensive practice

We’ve discusssed seven key things we had learned by the fifteen-year mark in our twenty-five years of community organizing.

Current projects offer us opportunities to learn a few more things.

1. Some people excel at strategic thinking

It’s valuable to have the opportunity to consult with individuals who excel at strategic thinking.

2. Motivation is a key variable in the completion of community-based projects

Having deadlines in place is a highly valuable way to motivate ourselves to bring projects to completion.

3. Information gathering takes many forms

Sometimes the best information that comes a person’s way arrives in the form of negative feedback.

Part of information gathering involves learning about the culture of organizations.

4. There’s a distinction between private and public information

We seek to share information while respecting the privacy of our sources.

In some cases, people are pleased to be quoted directly. That is very helpful in the work that we’re doing.

5. We are devoted to networking

Research indicates that some of the most effective networking occurs when people at the periphery of a network provide information that is key to ensuring that a project works out well.

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