Message from Harry Oussoren on behalf of Mimico Lakeshore Network regarding Mimico 20/20 process

The following message, was sent by Harry Oussoren to Matthew Premru of the City of Toronto.

Date: June 28, 2012

Subject: MLN Response

Dear Matthew:

On behalf of the MLN Steering Group, I forward to you and your colleagues in
the City of Toronto Planning Department the considered response to various
questions posed by the Planning Department in relation to the Mimico 20/20
Vision project consultations held May 29 and June 5.

We are of course grateful for the efforts that are now going into the
Project, but all too aware that big questions need very careful
consideration. More time and consideration was needed than interested
groups and persons were given for what are significant and long term
decisions. Further careful reflection and dialogue is needed for so massive
an undertaking.

Hence the MLN offers these responses, all too aware that they are partial
and improvable. But the underlying themes are clear and they are rooted in
the Mimico Residents Speak report (attached) created by residents in the
February 11th, 2012 workshop.

Residents want revitalization. But revitalization is larger than
constructing housing units. We are planning for a healthy and robust
community, where older buildings blend with the newer, and current and new
residents and business people can live, work, play, enjoying the special
character of the Mimico village and the Lake Ontario shores.

Good wishes as you seek to incorporate many ideas in the Secondary Plan
development process.

With appreciation for you work,


A.H. Harry Oussoren, convenor, Steering Group
Mimico Lakeshore Network

The message includes the following PDF files:

Community Workshop Feb 11, 2012

Discussion 1 PDF

Discussion 2 Precinct A PDF

Discussion 3 Precinct E PDF


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