The Lake Shore Blvd. bridge is located near the Mississauga-Toronto border: November 2010 photo overview

The following overview, related to the reconstruction project outlined in a previous blog post, is from the following October 12, 2012 TRCA (Toronto and Region Conservation Authority) document (click on the link below to open it):


City of Toronto [Etobicoke York Community Council Area]


To construct, reconstruct, erect or place a building or structure, site grade and alter a watercourse as the Lakeshore Boulevard bridge crosses the Etobicoke Creek, in the City of Toronto (Etobicoke York Community Council Area), Etobicoke Creek Watershed as located on property owned by the City of Toronto and TRCA. The purpose is to rehabilitate the Lakeshore Boulevard Bridge as it crosses the Etobicoke Creek. Works will include the removal and replacement of the bridge super structure, deck and abutments and the patching of the existing pierwithin the watercourse. A Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) Letter of Advice will be prepared by TRCA for this project. [159]

Photos of bridge site (November 2010)

The following photos give a sense of where the bridge is located.

For any of these photos, you can enlarge the image by clicking on it. Click again to enlarge it further. Use the ‘Back’ button on your browser to return to the page you are now reading.

View looking south along Forty Second Street. Current channelized version of Etobicoke Creek is visible at upper right side of image. Jaan Pill photo.

View looking west from upper floor of Aquaview Condominiums, November 2010, during the final stages of construction at Aquaview, across from the Long Branch GO Station. Jaan Pill photo

View looking west toward Mississauga, November 2010. Jaan Pill photo

View looking north west, November 2010. Railway bridge, visible in photo, is located north of the Lake Shore Blvd. bridge. Jaan Pill photo

The Long Branch GO Station is located a short distance east of the Lake Shore Blvd. bridge. Jaan Pill photo

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