Comment from David Juliusson to Matthew Premru regarding Mimico 20/20

The deadline for comments is Nov. 19, 2012. See this blog post and this one for background.

Comments from David Juliusson

Hi Matthew

I have been informed there are (about) 3 acres zoned “Temporary Open Space” restricted in use and can’t be built on (i.e., condos) located between the lake and the apartment strip. I have been to numerous meetings about the Mimico 20/20 and not once did I every hear this mentionned. Every map we see shows it being built upon.

These lands should be transferred to the City of Toronto – either purchased outright, or as their parks contribution or Section 37 at the time a development application is approved.  This was recommended by City of Etobicoke Planning Dept. in “The Mimico Study” in 1982 and again in 1989.  There is a huge deficiency of park land in South Etobicoke between Royal York and Legion Road, especially at Superior Park where the apartment strip is located.  It’s all in the reports.

This land could help with the deficiency in park land. It could widen the Mimico Linear Park which is so deficient that Councillors Grimes and Layton are asking it be widened less than 3 weeks after it opened.

I ask that this be mentionned in the upcoming reports. If the community is consulted I believe they would prefer a proper park  than more buildings.

I still maintain the community needs time to see the reports and time to look at them before it goes to Etobicoke York Council. A final meeting in December then early January at Council is not long enough. Will the reports even be completed for the December meeting?

Yours sincerely,

David Juliusson


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