8-80 Cities

8-80 Cities is doing impressive work.

I want to thank David Switzer for telling me about this organization and its projects.

Here’s a blurb from the 8-80 Cities website:

Make a Place for People

Make a Place for People is a component of our Active Places, Healthy People project and is based on the idea that community participation is the key to the creation of vibrant and healthy public spaces.

We know that parks and public spaces play a vital role in our communities – they create nodes where people meet, relax and play. But many parks and public spaces in Ontario are underperforming with very few uses or activities, and they lack funding, management and community participation.

8-80 Cities selected eight unique public spaces in Ontario to be part of the Make a Place for People Project. Our goal was to educate and empower communities with the tools to transform underperforming parks and public spaces into vibrant and active destinations that promote social interaction, mental health and well being for all.

Take a look at one of the Make a Place for People reports to learn more about the project and what you can do to improve public spaces in your own community.


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