Answer to supplementary questions regarding Humber Bay Shores


A July 7, 2016 post is entitled:

On July 12, 2016 Toronto City Council Agenda: Investigation Report Regarding Conduct of Ward 6 Councillor Mark Grimes

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The following correspondence concerns questions raised earlier regarding Humber Bay Shores.

Hello Ms. Grier:

I can provide some information in response to your Section 37 question. With respect to cash-in-lieu, I am assuming you mean cash in lieu of parkland and I have forwarded your query to Randy Jones in Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division. For the questions regarding development matters, I have copied Community Planning staff in Etobicoke-York District.

Please find attached a S.37/S.45 Benefits report for Ward 6. Please contact me for any further info in that regard.

S37 S45 Benefits Ward 6

Peter Langdon, Acting Manager
Community Policy Unit
Strategic Initiatives, Policy & Analysis Section
City Planning Division
City of Toronto
Metro Hall
55 John St., 23rd Floor
Toronto, ON
M5V 3C6
Tel: (416) 392-7617
Fax: (416) 397-4080

Supplementary questions:

[The above-noted message is in response to the following message from Ruth Grier:]

How did a Secondary Plan that contemplated a total of 3,000 units in a mixed used designation become a high rise enclave of over twice that number of units?

Why is a 62 storey condo development called Eau du Soleil advertising units on land that is designated Private Open Space but was always supposed to be purchased for parkland with the “cash in lieu” of parkland payments by developers?

How much money has the City obtained from cash in lieu payments from the motel strip and the Parklawn Road developments?

Where is that money and how has it been spent?

Under Section 37 of Planning Act a development can be granted density over and above those allowed by the Official Plan and in exchange they give cash for community improvements – how much Sect. 37 cash has been obtained from the motel strip and how has it been spent? The attachment below gives examples of some benefits to Ward 6 but it would be good to have a larger picture!



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