Message from Malcolm Archer regarding OMB hearing Dec. 11, 2012 re: 168 Lake Promenade

Malcolm Archer has sent an e-mail stressing the importance of having a good turn-out at the OMB hearing that’s being held to determine the future of 168 Lake Promenade.

He writes:

Even if you are not planning to speak at the hearing, your presence will reinforce our stand against the severing of this lot and the construction of two, large, three-storey subdivision-type houses on the property.

December 11th is a work-day and I know many of you will not be able to get away; but if it possible, I would encourage you to try to come. Your presence would be very valuable.

The hearing is being held:

Tuesday December 11th, 2012

at 10:00 am.

655 Bay Street, 16th Floor (north of Dundas, near the bus station)

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