Update from Councillor Jason Farr of the City of Hamilton regarding Gore Park Streetwall

I’m pleased to share with you (with prior permission from the Councillor) the following message from Councillor Jason Farr of the City of Hamilton. The message is in response to a Jan. 2, 2013 email I had sent regarding the Gore Park Streetwall, which reads as follows:

Subject: Gore Park Streetwall

Dear Councillor Jason Farr

I’ve been following with interest the Gore Park Streetwall story:


I urge you to do what you can to preserve these buildings for the enjoyment of future generations.



Response from Councillor Jason Farr (Jan. 2, 2013):

Councillor Jason Farr - Ward 2, City of Hamilton

With respect to the Gore Park wall, over the last few days there has been an explicit desire for Council to hold an emergency meeting as it appears a recent demolition permit has resulted in trepidation that the buildings will be torn down within days.  In my communications over these holidays with both the owner and City of Hamilton staff, I can assure you that this is not the case and an emergency meeting of Council will not be required.  As I have indicated publicly in the past, it is my intention to work with all parties in an effort to preserve the Gore wall.

The proposed development that features office/condo tower and significant commercial uses is of course important with respect to the ongoing revitalization of our downtown.  With that, we will continue to make every effort to both facilitate progress while at the same time value our past.

I will be conducting a meeting next week with all involved parties and will be happy to provide an update then.

Thanks very much for getting in touch and sharing your appreciation for the heart of our city, Jaan.



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