Building Stories – Year 1 Successes. Heritage Resources Centre

Following text is from the Heritage Resources Centre:

Sir John A. Macdonald lived at 134 Earl St., Kingston, Ontario between 1876 and 1889. Source: Building Stories website

On April 30, 2012 a new website and mobile application launched that enables Canadians to take a direct role in identifying important community heritage assets. Building Stories ( is an incredible new on-line resource making thousands of original documents, photos and historical records available online from a wide variety of communities. Since the launch the website has had great successes including:

  • 925 historic sites added
  • Historic sites from every province and territory added, and our first US site added
  • 216 registered members
  • 18 registered groups
  • Presentations on the website at the Heritage Canada Conference, National Preservation Conference and Ontario Heritage Conference
  • Between September 2012 and December 2012 we had 3898 visitors to the website
  • News Article in the Globe and Mail and article in the Ontario Professional Planners Institute Journal
  • Commercial in Old Home Television episodes


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