Information related to building of Etobicoke Creek Trail in area of QEW bridge

From time to time there’s been discussion, at this website and elsewhere, regarding the extension of the trail that currently runs along Etobicoke Creek from Marie Curtis Park to the QEW bridge near Sherway Gardens.

Message from Peter Milczyn’s Office

Councillor Peter Milczyn’s Office on Jan. 23, 2013 sent an email regarding this topic.

The message notes that “it is very important to know that there is NO intention for the Councillor to re-allocate the secured section 37 funds to another Ward 5 community project at this time. Councillor Milczyn has not stated that he does not support or wish to see the Etobicoke Creek Trail proceed.”

“The key issue here,” the message adds, “is that unfortunately, the Province has NOT provided the go ahead to proceed with this project (Etobicoke Creek Trail) at this time. There is talk with the TRCA and the City and MTO on this subject but all of the required studies and agreements are not completed/in place in order to proceed with construction of the Trail at this time. The Section 37 Agreement currently stipulates that this specific project is where the monies must go.


“In summary, the reason for this meeting is because Councillor Milczyn feels that to have section 37 money potentially sit and be unavailable due to its current wording (and should construction not be approved by MTO/TRCA to proceed), that to reword the Agreement ‘to allow more flexibility in its interpretation/allocation’ would be prudent to do.

“If construction is agreed upon, the money to complete this project will go where originally intended.”

The message refers to an upcoming meeting [on about Jan. 24, 2013, as I understand]. After the meeting, the message indicates, ‘Planning Staff will report back to Etobicoke York Community Council in the coming months with their recommendations on this Agreement. Deputations at Community Council (on that Staff Report) are welcomed at that time as well.”

“Only after that and Council’s approval of alternate ‘wording’, and if the Etobicoke Creek Trail cannot for some reason proceed, will funds earmarked for that project (or a portion of them) be reallocated to another nearby park/community project.”


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