Have you filled out the MRA Mimico 20/20 Survey yet? It closes midnight on Monday night!

Following message is from the Mimico Residents Association:

Mimico 20/20 Survey Final Reminder

Please complete the survey before midnight Monday, February 25th at the following link:


We are at a critical point in the Mimico 20/20 planning process.

The Mimico Residents Association (MRA) would like your input to help us formalize our official position on the current version of the Mimico 20/20 Revitalization Plan (the Plan).

Etobicoke York Community Council will vote on the Plan in the coming months and the MRA would like to know how you would vote, if you were a councillor.

Click here to complete the Survey now

[End of message from the MRA. I don’t live in Mimico. However, I’m always interested in the work of community groups in Long Branch and nearby communities. I am very impressed with the way the MRA is organized and how it goes about doing its work on behalf of the Mimico community.]

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