New App to keep track of City of Toronto committees

The following text is based upon an email from Abbe Edelson, to which I’ve added some details about what TPSI is.

If you want to keep “tabs” on what’s happening at the City of Toronto there
is a new application available to make it easier to keep track of information as it emerges.

Toronto Public Space Initiative

The app is a project of the Toronto Public Space Initiative. The website of the organization explains that:

“The Toronto Public Space Initiative (TPSI) is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing public space through research, policy analysis, and service provision.”

As with Google Alerts, you can enter search terms such as “Mimico by the Lake secondary plan” add your email; whenever a new document is added to city’s records (from committees, community councils, and so on) you will be sent an email alert.

“It looks like a promising way to monitor what’s happening at the community,” explains Abbe Edelson, “and follow any information related to your interests, such as what is being discussed in relation to Mimico etc.”

Toronto Public Space Committee

The Toronto Public Space Initiative is a spin-off project of the Toronto Public Space Committee.

An article at blogTO describes the project.

video at indiegogo describes the TABS on Toronto project.

You can sign up for email alerts or “TABs” at



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