March 25, 2013 Toronto Star article regarding reported decline in quality of condo construction

I found a March 25, 2013 Toronto Star article regarding the quality of condo construction of interest as quite a number of such articles such as a CBC News feature have appeared.

The headline and subhead read as follows:

Growing Up: Are Toronto’s new condos built to last?

Building experts worry too many condos are going up with window walls because they’re cheaper and faster to erect. They say they’re doomed to fail.

The second paragraph of the article, by  Feature Writer, reads:

“Building experts say resiliency and energy efficiency are going out the window with all those floor-to-ceiling glass walls being installed in the city’s towering condos.”

My sense is that the article’s story line seeks to contrast two ways of addressing window-wall (distinct in turn from curtain-wall) construction. That is: You can opt for an evidence-based narrative or a marketing narrative.

One can argue that perception is reality does not apply to condo construction, in the same way that perception is reality does not apply to climate change.

To access the full text, click here.

Energy consumption of buildings

Also of relevance is a March 25, 2013 Globe and Mail article about the energy consumption of buildings.

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