Tree canopy coverage: Long Branch is at 26.5%, New Toronto is at 8.7%, Mimico is at 13.3%, Rosedale-Moore Park is at 61.8%

I’m pleased to share the following information, which I learned of on the basic of email correspondence between Carol Walker Gayle of the City of Toronto and a Long Branch resident:

In 2005 the City decided to increase its tree canopy from 17/20% to 30 to 40%. It is now at 20%.

In Rosedale-Moore Park it is 61.8%, Mount Pleasant East 54.8%, Cabbagetown 37%.

We have a long way to go in the Lakeshore. Alderwood does not appear as a neighbourhood in the report.

Following message is based on an email from Carol Walker Gayle to a Long Branch resident

Subject: Tree canopy

Below is the canopy information for Long Branch, New Toronto, and Mimico.

Long Branch 26.5%
New Toronto 8.7%
Mimico 13.4%

Information regarding tree canopy cover by neighbourhood was released in a City of Toronto 2010 report entitled “Every Tree Counts: A portrait of Toronto’s Urban Forest”.

The link is provided below:

Appendix 6 – page 86 has the canopy information by neighbourhood.

“We are currently finalizing a revised report,” comments Carol Walker Gayle of the City of Toronto in her email message, “which has been updated to include new information derived from further analysis of data that became available after the original publication was released.”

“I can’t provide you with the revised report at this time,” she adds; “however the information provided above is based on the revised data.”

Carol Walker Gayle, B.Sc.F., R.P.F.
Acting Manager, Forestry Policy & Planning
Parks, Forestry & Recreation Division
Urban Forestry
18 Dyas Road, 1st Floor
Toronto, Ontario M3B 1V5
Tel: 416 338-5024 Fax: 416 392-1915

An April 22, 2013 Toronto Star article provides information about the tree canopy in Toronto and the plans to increase it. [Click on link in previous sentence to access the article.]


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