David Switzer of Long Branch shares his comments regarding plans for sand beach at Marie Curtis Park

I’m pleased to have the opportunity to post the following comment from David Switzer of Long Branch concerning the sand beach at Marie Curtis Park.

I share his comments in the spirit of reporting on an ongoing conversation.

I am pleased that ongoing communications regarding the Mississauga Waterfront Connection Environmental Assessment Project are proceeding in a manner that is cordial and that enables the expression of a wide range of views.

Comments from David Switzer concerning the recent message, posted in an earlier blog post, from Kenneth Dion, Manager, Special Projects, Toronto and Region Conservation:


I am pleased that TRCA is rethinking the beach. However I have a few comments about Mr. Dion’s e-mail.

Natural beaches around Ontario does not relate to my statement that Marie Curtis is the last natural beach “in the GTA”. Also, mentioning beaches that are naturally not sandy is not relevant as the natural state of Marie Curtis beach is sandy. He mentioned Woodbine beach being natural because it is supplied sand from the Scarborough bluffs. I don’t believe this has been true for years since erosion control at the bluffs has reduced this natural sources and sand for the Woodbine Beach is trucked in. In my original comment I defined the use of the word natural as being a “dynamic” beach that is, one that recycles its sand. This description is my recollection from a study for the original plan to naturalize Marie Curtis Park done by TRCA.

TRCA used similar “facts” to deflect away from an issue when challenged about moving a parking lot to the foot of Hilo Road despite objections by residents until one of them pointed out that the parking was not put there originally because of flooding. Then TRCA announced they had decided not to move the parking lot to that location because they had come up with a better plan.

(Note: they did put in a paved path that blocked the drainage of the flood area which necessitated installing drain which was not necessary before). But I, like Mr. Dion, digress.

Let us hope that the TRCA Coastal Engineer”s “solution” that Mr. Dion mentioned has a positive result.

David Switzer


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