Next steps for Main Street Unionville, Ontario

I have an interest in Unionville following a visit to the town a year of two ago. I was interested to learn of its history, and what has been done to preserve heritage buildings. After that visit, I subscribed to an email newsletter from the Unionville BIA. The following information is from the newsletter.

I have a particular interest in a small area of Long Branch, the area in close proximity to where I live. I’ve gathered information, often through meetings and exchanges of information that began with dog walking.

Some things I also learn through online conversations.

In order to understand this small area better, I relate what happens elsewhere, in the past, present, and future, to what happens in Long Branch.

Having said that, I’m pleased to add that the following text is from the Unionville BIA:

Main Street Unionville

Help develop the future vision for Main Street Unionville District.

Mayor Frank Scarpitti, Advisory Committee Chair – Regional Councillor Jim Jones, Ward 3 Councillor Don Hamilton and Members of Council invite you to this important presentation to discuss the future of Main Street Unionville.

Residents, business and local community organizations have contributed their views on the future of Main Street Unionville District during five days of meetings.

Join your community at the Crosby Arena for a presentation from the project consultants to learn more about this project and how the Charrette will contribute to the Main Street Unionville Precinct Master Plan study.

Please plan to attend this important meeting:

Sunday, June 9 from 3 to 5 pm

Crosby Arena, Carlton Road & Main Street Unionville

What is the Unionville Main Street Precinct Master Plan?

Markham Council approved the development of the study proposalk in consultation with the Unionville BIA, and provided the necessary funding for a communith consultation program. The City of Markham retained the consulting services of Torti Gallas and Partners Inc. to undertake the Main Street Unionville Precinct Master Plan, and to organize a Community Charrette program. The approved Master Plan will provide an inspired vision for Main Street Unionville south to Highway 7.

The five days of meetings (Community Charrettes) will represent an important part of developing the Master Plan Vision. The plan will be comprehensive and will address important considerations unique to Unionville’s heritage character and the scale of buildings and lots.

Who is involved?

All residents and community organizations were encouraged to participate in this community engagement program. The program is being coordinated by the Unionville Main Street Planning Advisory Committee that includes representatives from the Unionville BIA, Unionville Historical Society, Heritage Markham, Unionville Village Conservancy, Unionville Villagers Association, Unionville Ratepayers Association and political representation from the City of Markham.

Any questions – call 905-477-0117 or email

[End of newsletter message]

Also of interest: London, Ontario considers its future

An item regarding London’s future can be accessed here.

I learned of the latter item through a Twitter post from Ken Greenberg.


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