U of T vows to bill city if council quashes plans for artificial turf – May 10, 2013 Globe and Mail

Update: A June 12, 2013 Toronto Star article updates the following report.

[End of update]

A June 10, 2013 Globe and Mail article provides an update concerning the plan for artificial turf at the University of Toronto back campus.

The opening paragraphs read:

The University of Toronto is promising to send the city a bill it estimates at more than $12-million if city councillors vote this week to block the school’s installation of artificial turf on its back campus ahead of the 2015 Pan-Am Games.

It is expected that Mayor Rob Ford will make the vote his key item at this week’s council meeting, and will argue against a motion to designate the storied natural grass field as a cultural heritage landscape. If the motion passes, the university’s $9.5-million plan to build a pair of artificial field hockey surfaces will be halted in its tracks. The debate likely will be timed to take place on Wednesday, city hall sources told The Globe and Mail.

[End of excerpt. You can access the article here.]

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A June 9, 2013 article on the topic is entitled: U of T back campus debate invokes William Faulkner, Morley Callaghan. The subhead reads: Supporters of natural grass at U of T’s back campus argue for its literary, romantic and historic heritage as officials plan to pave it with AstroTurf.

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