Along the Shore: Book Excerpt – Toronto Star, July 19, 2013

The headline and subhead for a July 19, 2013 Toronto Star excerpt from Along the Shore (2013) reads as follows:

Along the Shore: Book Excerpt

In Along the Shore, Rediscovering Toronto’s Waterfront Heritage, M. Jane Fairburn explores the area’s history. The following is an edited excerpt.

You can access the excerpt here.

This is an excellent book and a significant achievement. I’m very impressed with the research and editing that went into it. I enjoy the style of writing. The style and tone works well with the purpose of the text.

Success in conceptualizing, putting together, editing, publishing, and distributing such a book requires plenty of social capital. Such social capital is clearly in place with this project.

The book serves as a highly valuable contribution to our understanding of neighbourhoods in Toronto that are located on the shore line of Lake Ontario. I recommend it highly.

You can borrow Along the Shore from the Toronto Public Library. Copies have been on sale at Fair Grounds Cafe and Roastery and also at Birds and Beans Cafe by the Lake.

The following photo accompanies the excerpt:


Wreck of the Alexandria, 1915. Source: City of Toronto Archives


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