July 19, 2013 news updates related to Long Branch (Toronto not New Jersey) and elsewhere

This post is related to a similar post on June 24, 2013.

The latter post has had many page views, on average quite lengthy ones relatively speaking. Average visits to the above-noted post have averaged over five minutes in duration, whereas the average current duration of visits to the site as a whole is about three minutes.

For that reason for the July 19, 2013 post I’ve selected recent Tweets and Retweets from @jaanpill related to Long Branch (Toronto not New Jersey) and the world beyond.

Cannadine (2013) favours a focus on diversity within groups

I bring your attention in particular to the following Tweet and an additional one; the second one relates to binary narratives:

Jaan Pill ‏@JaanPill17 Jul

Rally for Peter! Message from Laurel Broten – July 20, 2013 10:00 at Milczyn Campaign HQ http://shar.es/kHrkr 

David Cannadine (20013) argues that the age of us-and-them binary narratives in world history has had its day http://shar.es/kgFHu 

The above-noted update to an Aug. 5, 2013 post about an earlier study by Cannadine highlights the distinction between non-fiction and fiction.

July 19, 2013 news updates


  1. Transport Canada mum on rail safety rules http://cbc.sh/oGxJHDK 

  2. Put your stories on the map with new Hi app http://fw.to/idGzhdg 

  3. Carrick on money: ‘We cannot afford the houses we are living in’ http://fw.to/wmHzXpj 

  4. Once-great Detroit collapses, files for biggest city bankruptcy in U.S. history http://fw.to/Sd8rWsN 

  5. Say goodbye to your job: Robots will make it extinct http://fw.to/6n7Ml2g 

  6. Halifax company offers suite retreats for travellers in Canada http://fw.to/m1D2OmQ 

  7. Funding deal for Scarborough subway extension hits rough patch after war of words http://fw.to/MOske9d 

  8. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” #mandeladay

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  9. Watch the unveiling of #RegentPark Blvd. Thanks to @CityofTO, @TheDanielsCorp and @_RPNI for your partnership! http://ow.ly/n4213 

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  10. Scientists Warn Extreme Weather Linked to Steroids of Climate Change from @NRDC‘s blog [Article posted Sept. 8, 2011] http://switchboard.nrdc.org/blogs/rkistner/scientists_warn_extreme_weathe.html#.UegjkhH0ewM.twitter …

  11. Alberta urged to prepare for increasingly severe weather as insurance losses mount [Article was posted May 29, 2013] http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/alberta/Alberta+urged+prepare+increasingly+severe+weather+insurance+losses+mount/8446756/story.html …

  12. Canada’s ‘new normal’ weather adds heat to climate politics http://fw.to/2fgikQV 

  13. The humidex, the flawed Canadian way to calculate summer discomfort http://cbc.sh/Iez0gne 

  14. B.C. residential school survivor says he was starved http://cbc.sh/iLpGSIL 

  15. First Nations leaders demand apology for nutritional experiments http://cbc.sh/Ch4Gx4P 

  16. Whether it’s a starting point or your dream, it’s a job — and it’s my job to create more of them. http://youtu.be/ahzerzkqOtA  #onpoli

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  17. Rally for Peter! Message from Laurel Broten – July 20, 2013 10:00 at Milczyn Campaign HQ http://shar.es/kHrkr  via @sharethis

  18. Shawn Atleo says the federal government must address decades-old nutritional tests on aboriginals http://ow.ly/n4AtZ 

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First engineered alteration of Etobicoke Creek

At the beginning of this post I mentioned that an earlier (June 24, 2013) news update gave rise to an average of five minutes in reading time on the part of site visitors. I would add that according to Google Analytics, an earlier post – about the first engineered alteration of Etobicoke Creek beginning in 1929 – gave rise to an average reading time of over seven minutes.

These details enable me to understand the power of concepts such as blurbs, brands, Pecha Kucha presentations, and the appeal of news updates and news highlights. They also underline for me the fact that communications in all forms are such strongly interactive processes.


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