Unexploded bombs and ammunition at a possible 150 Ontario locations (August 12, 2013 Toronto Star)

I was interested to learn, again from Donna Magee, about an August 12, 2013 Toronto Star article about unexploded bombs and ammunition at sites across Ontario.

The headline reads:

Unexploded bombs, ammo in 150 possible Ontario locations: DND report

The subhead reads:

A fifth of the 800 sites across Canada where there might be unexploded wartime ordnance are in Ontario, according to Defence Department.

The opening paragraphs read:

  • From abandoned weapons depots in downtown Toronto to a popular beach near Trenton that was once a bombing range, Ontario is home to more than one in five of Canada’s 800 potentially dangerous sites of unexploded wartime ordnance, a Defence department list provided to the Star reveals.
  • Ontario — with 10 “confirmed” locations and about 140 other sites “in assessment” — has the largest number of identified locations of any province, according to a national inventory by the Unexploded Explosive Ordnance (UXO) and Legacy Sites Program.
  • There are 19 designated locations in the GTA, including three former “ordnance depots” on Bay, Spadina and Fort York and a “possible bombing range” near Vaughan.

Click here to access the article.


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