Comment from C. O’Marra regarding Colonel Smith’s artifacts

I’m pleased to share with you the following comment from C. O’Marra:

The Museum For Human Rights in Manitoba now sits on top of a treasure
trove of ancient native artifacts.Construction went ahead in spite of
these early finds.Thousands of items have been located around the site
and photographed for the public. One can only hope that whatever was
found at Colonel Smith’s homestead some thirty odd years ago will be
presented to the citizens of Etobicoke soon. God only knows what is
still there to be discovered. A thrilling prospect indeed. ( C.


This is an interesting topic.

I’m pleased the topic continues to be discussed.

Jaan Pill photo

The photo on the left of a small sample of artifacts from the 1984 dig at the Colonel Samuel Smith homestead site at 85 Forty First Street in Etobicoke is from a blog post dated June 23, 2012.

Photos of other artifacts from the same dig are also featured in an online video posted a few years ago.

My own current focus of attention is on learning my way around Adobe Premiere Pro.

Other initiatives, such as a future display (let us say within the next century) of the Colonel Samuel Smith artifacts from the 1984 preliminary archaeological survey at the former Parkview School site will require the work and interest of other people.

I’m delighted that not much is known about the colonel as a personality. That fact has prompted my interest in military history, as a way to picture his line of work, during the American Revolutionary War, and the times in which he lived.


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