Resources related to lost rivers and streams in Toronto

I’ve recently been in touch with a walker from the ROM who’s keen to expand the walkers’ knowledge about the lost rivers and streams of Toronto.

Where can a person or group find information about resources in this area?

A contact at the Etobicoke Historical Society has noted that good resources include Lost Rivers and Toronto Field Naturalists

It has also occurred to me that Toronto Green Community and Toronto and Region Conservation Authority would be good resources to consult with.

Jane’s Walk

Denise Pinto of Jane’s Walk has highlighted several great resources. She wrote:

For further details please contact:

Denise Pinto
Operations Director, Jane’s Walk
Walkable neighbourhoods, urban literacy, cities planned for and by people.

Farmers’ fields north of Montreal is where the City of Laval was built

I have an interest in this topic as I grew up playing on what is now a lost creek in Montreal.


Also of relevance is an article by Michael Harrison entitled “The Vanishing Creeks of South Etobicoke” in a book entitled HTO: Toronto’s Water from Lake Iroquois to Lost Rivers to Low-Flow Toilets, 1st ed. (2008). Michael Harrison also has a website entitled Lost Creeks of South Etobicoke.

As well, excellent Toronto historic map resources are available. Some would likely include information about lost rivers.

Please contact me if you know of additional resources.


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