During construction along Lake Shore Blvd. West, be wary of turns onto, or off of, Lake Shore (2 collisions observed in Long Branch)

During the past two days I’ve observed two car collisions – at least one of them involving personal injury – on Lake Shore Blvd. West east of Brown’s Line.

Lake Shore Blvd. West. east of Brown's Line. Oct. 13, 2013. Jaan Pill photo

The situation is as follows

1. Traffic is constricted along the construction route. Less space is available than otherwise to handle the usual flow of traffic.

2. Each lane travels quickly.

3. If a driver tries to cross in front of an opposing line of traffic anywhere, the chances of a collision are greater under the current conditions than otherwise. This is because visibility is drastically reduced, yet once in a lane, cars travel pretty much as fast as at any other time.

Suggested safe driving strategy

To maintain a collision-free driving experience, I would suggest that you avoid situations where you need to cross an opposing line of traffic in order to make a turn, unless you’re at an intersection with traffic lights, and can make such a turn easily.

This applies to a left turn onto Lake Shore from a side street when you’re heading north toward Lake Shore.

It also applies to a left turn against opposing traffic from Lake Shore, when you want to head south along a side street. The latter turn can be challenging even at a traffic light, because of reduced visibility, in the face of oncoming traffic, given the current construction activities.

View along Fortieth Street toward Lake Shore Blvd. West. If I understand correctly, the brown building in the photo, now the home of Fair Grounds Organic Cafe & Roastery, previously was the location for Long Branch Meats, and before that served Christ the King parishioners (for Masses) temporarily while construction of Christ the King Church was under way in the 1930s. Jaan Pill photo

Looking west along Lake Shore Blvd. West near the Beer Store east of Brown's Line. Jaan Pill photo

View looking west along Lake Shore Blvd. West near Beer Store. Jaan Pill photo

View looking east along Lake Shore Blvd. West, east of Brown's Line. Jaan Pill photo


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