Recent Events at City Hall: Comments from Councillor Mark Grimes

The following comments are from the current e-Newsletter from Ward 6 Councillor Mark Grimes’ office:

Recent Events at City Hall

Over the last week I have heard from many of you concerning the ongoing controversy surrounding Mayor Ford. You’ve expressed your concerns, and your fears and I have heard them. I do believe that the Mayor should take time away from City Hall to address his personal issues, not only for the good of the City but for his personal health and especially the well being of his young family.

As of now, the Mayor has chosen to continue on in his role. This is a decision of the Mayor, and while many of my colleagues and I disagree, City Council does not have the power to remove him from office.

It would be untrue to classify it as business as usual at City Hall. However, the work of the City continues and will continue regardless of what avenue the Mayor chooses to pursue. Committees are still meeting, garbage will continue to be picked up and recreation programs continue. I will continue to work towards addressing the local and City wide issues we face and I encourage you to continue contacting me to help solve them.

You can also find a more thorough recap of my thoughts on a radio interview I conducted Wednesday on AM 1290 here:


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