2 Station Road – Wesley Mimico United Church – Intention to designate

Following message of Nov. 13, 2013 is from Michael Harrison regarding Wesley Mimico United Church:

Today Toronto City Council adopted the amended recommendation from
Etobicoke-York Community to declare its intent to designate Wesley
Mimico United Church under the Ontario Heritage Act.

The next step is for the city to notify the owner, and issue a notice
of the intent to designate the property under the Act. If there are no
appeals against the intent to designate the property during the appeal
period (30 days) the City will bring forward the bylaw designating the
property under the Ontario Heritage Act at a later date (usually a few
months). If there is an appeal then there will be a hearing before the
Conservation Review Board. The Board will hear evidence and issue a
decision. The decision is final.


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