Ken Burns and Tristan Gough are skillful editors and filmmakers

Warning: This blog post refers to the mayor of Toronto

As well: You have likely already seen two of these videos

Ken Burns is a remarkable filmmaker, who has – among other things – strongly influenced how photographs are presented in films, through application of the “Ken Burns Effect.”

In the course of his career, Burns has demonstrated an inspiring capacity for innovation in the editing of sound and video. His innovations have contributed to advances in the communication of information through films and videos on a wide range of topics.

The following video celebrates his work:

The Ken Burns Effect: A Film About Ken Burns

The following Ken Burns video offers commentary on a range of visually engaging recent happenings in the City of Toronto:

David Letterman – Ken Burns’ “The Statement” by Rob Ford

Tristan Gough

Toronto-based editor Tristan Gough has similarly demonstrated superlative skills, in his case with regard to the repurposing of move footage to offer commentary regarding recent happenings in the City of Toronto:

Parody trailer ‘Rob Ford: The Movie’ stars Chris Farley


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