October 2013 news release from Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods (CVN) in pursuit of meaningful involvement

I was interested to come across – by reading a comment by @jm_mcgrath regarding a tweet by @ossingtonCA – an October 2013 news release from the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods (CVN). I like that acronym: CVN. It’s brief and to the point. What you call yourself as an organization is a key part of the message you get across. Long acronyms and long titles don’t work as well as short ones, in my experience. It’s a topic that I’ve had a lot of experience with, given my interest in communications.

Here’s the title and opening paragraph of the CVN news release:

October 24, 2013 For Immediate Release

Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods

Vancouver Communities Unite to Fix Planning Mess – Residents’ Associations Seek Meaningful Involvement

Vancouver, B.C. – Eighteen community residents’ associations, covering almost the entire City of Vancouver, have now joined together in a Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods with the specific purpose of demanding a more respectful relationship between the City and the communities. “The Coalition is working on creating a new development/planning paradigm that will stress community involvement and local influence over land use and zoning decisions,” said spokesperson Jak King.


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