Manhattan Community Board 5 focuses on shadows cast on Central Park

The following message is from Peggy Moulder of the Lakeshore Planning Council Corporation:

The town hall, which was organized by Manhattan Community Board 5, was focused on the long, dark shadows that these new tall buildings will cast deep into Central Park. Read article that follows:

Similarly, the Mimico Secondary Plan will put the Mimico Linear Park and waterfront in dark shadow before 3 p.m. in September. Sunshine and sunlight make parks enjoyable in the cooler months in Spring and Fall. The removal of afternoon sunshine from parks makes them far less pleasant to use.  Parks are there for everyone to enjoy and should not be unfavourably (and unnecessarily) impacted by new development.


“A better New York … doesn’t have to come at the expense of the public or the developers. There is plenty of room in this town for preservation, protection of open space and great new growth. New York City deserves it, we have to demand it.”

There is also plenty of room in TORONTO and MIMICO for preservation, protection of open space and great new growth.  TORONTO and MIMICO deserve it, and we too have to demand it.

Conclusion of text by Peggy Moulder


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