May 4, 2014 Jane’s Walk in Long Branch focused on conversations – with many people sharing anecdotes and comments

Mike James (back to camera) shares information at corner of Fortieth Street and Villa Road in Long Branch. On a quiet street with a fair-sized group, a portable amplifier offers a convenient way to ensure that each speaker is heard clearly by each participant in a Jane's Walk. Jaan Pill photo

Our May 4, 2014 Jane’s Walk in Long Branch went beautifully – as has been the case with each of our Jane’s Walks in this neighbourhood in South Etobicoke on the Lake Ontario shoreline starting with the first one on May 6, 2012.

This year the conversational element was even more a central feature of the walks, even more than in the previous years, when we were first getting acquainted with the concept, and starting to think of ways to make conversations the pre-eminent feature of the Jane’s Walk in Long Branch.

Inspiration Lakeview

Page 92 of March 18, 2014 Inspiration Lakeview Report. The original page is in colour. For the Jane's Walk handouts, we usually print documents in black and white, as such copies are less expensive to produce.

The handouts for the May 3 and May 4 Jane’s Walk included pages 92 and 93 from a 97-page, March 18, 2014 report about Inspiration Lakeview.

We like to share handouts as part of our walks – in line with advice by Edward R. Tufte (1997): “No matter what, give everybody in the audience one or more pieces of paper, packed with material related to your presentation.”

The images, when viewed on a printout, or if viewed as enlarged versions online, provide a person a sense of the scale of the Inspiration Lakeview project in the Lakeview community in Mississauga to the west of Long Branch.

You can enlarge the images on this page by clicking on them. Click again, and you can enlarge them further.

Black and white scan of page 93 of March 18, 2014 Inspiration Lakeview document. The original document is in colour.

The second image – page 93 – underlines, for the viewer, that the buildings that will be constructed over the next 20 years in Lakeview will consist of predominantly mid-rise buildings. Unlike the case in Humber Bay Shores in Toronto, there will be no walls of high-rise condos stretching across the Mississauga waterfront.

Do developers need extra incentives?

The second handout, which was distributed on May 4 along with the two pages from the Inspiration Lakeview report, was a printout of a Feb. 25, 2013 Etobicoke Guardian article:

Council rejects Grimes’ Mimico development incentives


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